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Journal databaseMost recent issueComment
Aboriginal Law Bulletin 1981-1997The Aboriginal Law Bulletin was published between 1981 and 1997.
Adelaide Law Review 1960-2019
AIAL Forum 1994-2017
Australian Journal of Human Rights 1994-2010
Australian Journal of Legal History (AJLH) 2003-2005
Australian Law Reform Commission - Reform Journal 1976-2009
ALTA Law Research Series 1991-2012
Alternative Criminology Journal 1975-1983
Alternative Law Journal 1992-2010
Australia & New Zealand Journal of Law & Education 1996-2008The Australia & New Zealand Journal of Law & Education was published between 1996 and 2008.
Australian and New Zealand Maritime Law Journal 1983-2018
Australian and New Zealand Sports Law Journal 2006-2013
Asia Pacific Journal of Environmental Law 1996-2008
Australian Bar Gazette 1963-1970
Australian Business Lawyer 1985-1989
Australian Construction Law Newsletter 1988-2009
Australian Crime Prevention, Correction and After-Care Council National Newsletter 1970-1973
Australian Crime Prevention Council Forum: Quarterly Journal of the ACPC 1978-1985
Australian Crime Prevention Council Journal 1986-1993
Australian Crime Prevention Council Newsletter 2008-2017
Australian Indigenous Law Reporter 1996-2006The Australian Indigenous Law Reporter was published between 1996 and 2006.
Australian Indigenous Law Review 2007-2017
Australian International Law Journal 1996-2013
Australian Journal of Gender and Law 2008-2013
Australian Journal of Maritime and Ocean Affairs 2009-2009
Auckland University Law Review 1967-2015
Australian Mining and Petroleum Law Association Yearbook 1977-2007
Australian Mining and Petroleum Law Bulletin 1982-1996The Australian Mining and Petroleum Law Bulletin was published between 1982 and 1996.
Australian Mining and Petroleum Law Journal 1997-2002The Australian Mining and Petroleum Law Journal was published between 1997 and 2002.
Australian Resources and Energy Law Journal 2003-2008
Australian Year Book of International Law 1965-2012
Balance: Journal of the Northern Territory Law Society 1991-2018
Corporate Governance eJournal (Bond) (BondCGeJ) 2005-2006
Bond Dispute Resolution Newsletter 1999-2013
Bond Law Review 1989-2018
Canberra Law Review 2010-2017
Canterbury Law Review 1980-2017
Current Issues in Criminal Justice 1989-2018
Commonwealth Journal of Local Governance 2008-2017
Communications Law Bulletin 1981-2017
Deakin Law Review 1994-2017
Digital Technology Law Journal 1999-2004
eJournal of Tax Research 2003-2019
Elder Law Review 2002-2018
The Economic and Labour Relations Review (ELRRev) 2006-2006
Federal Judicial Scholarship 1997-2019
Federal Law Review 1964-2012
Flinders Journal of Law Reform 1995-2009
GovNet eJournal 2007-2008
Griffith Law Review 1992-2006
High Court Review (HCRev) 1995-2000 The High Court Review was published between 1995 and 2000.
Human Rights Defender 1994-2007
Indigenous Law Bulletin 1997-2017
International Journal of Law & Education 2009-2013
International Journal of Social Security and Workers Compensation 2009-2011
International Trade and Business Law Review 2003-2004
Journal of Australian Taxation 1998-2018
James Cook University Law Review 1994-2019
Journal of the Australasian Law Teachers Association 2008-2017
Journal of Applied Law and Policy 2008-2011
Journal of the Australasian Tax Teachers Association 2005-2015
Journal of Indigenous Policy 2002-2014
Journal of Law and Financial Management 2002-2014
Journal of Law, Information and Science 1986-2017
Law Institute Journal (Victoria) 1927-2001
Legal Education Digest 1992-2013
Legal Education Review 1989-2017
Legal Issues in Business 1999-2012
Macarthur Law Review 1997-2000
Maritime Studies 1999-2008Maritime Studies was published between 1999 and 2008.
Melbourne Journal of International Law 2000-2019
Melbourne University Law Review 1957-2019
Monash Business Review 2005-2008The Monash Business Review was published between 2005 and 2008.
Monash University Law Review 1974-2017
Macquarie Journal of International and Comparative Environmental Law 2004-2013
Macquarie Journal of Business Law 2004-2008
Macquarie Law Journal 2001-2018
Murdoch University Law Review 2012-2013
eLaw Journal: Murdoch University Electronic Journal of Law (MurUEJL) 1993-2005
The Newcastle Law Review 1995-2017
Ngiya: Talk the Law 2002-2012
New South Wales Bar Gazette 1961-1963
New South Wales Judicial Scholarship 1999-2014
Otago Law Review 1965-2017
Owen Dixon Society eJournal 1994-2017
Privacy Law and Policy Reporter 1994-2006
Public Space: The Journal of Law and Social Justice 2007-2009
Queensland Institute of Technology Law Journal 1985-1987
Queensland Judicial Scholarship 1990-2020
Queensland University of Technology Law and Justice Journal 2001-2012
Queensland University of Technology Law Journal 1988-1999
Queensland University of Technology Law Review 2013-2017
Res Judicatae (University of Melbourne) 1938-1957
Revenue Law Journal 1990-2015
Southern Cross University Law Review 1997-2016
Sports Law eJournal 2005-2018
Sydney Law Review 1953-2019
Sydney University Press Law Books 2007-2011
University of Melbourne Law School Research Series 1998-2018
Monash University Law Research Series 2009-2011
University of Notre Dame Australia Law Review 1999-2013
University of New England Law Journal 2004-2009
University of New South Wales Law Journal 1975-2020
University of New South Wales Faculty of Law Research Series 1998-2020
University of Queensland Law Journal 1948-2019
University of Queensland Law Research Series 2000-2009
University of Tasmania Law Review 1958-2016
University of Technology, Sydney Law Review 1999-2007The University of Technology, Sydney Law Review was published between 1999 and 2007.
University of Western Australia Law Review 1948-2018
University of Western Sydney Law Review 2001-2015
Victorian Judicial Scholarship 2001-2014
Victoria University of Wellington Law Review 1998-2019
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Waikato Law Review 1993-2017

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