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Funding sources by Jurisdiction

A number of organisations currently contribute valuable funding assistance to AustLII to continue its development. A breakdown of funding by jurisdiction is set out below. There is also a breakdown of funding by value of contribution and a breakdown by type of organisation available.

New contributors are welcome. Organisations from the legal profession, Courts and Tribunals, Law Schools, business organisations and others are invited to become AustLII 'contributors' by making whatever funding contribution they consider is appropriate. Their contributions will be duly recognised on this page and by other means. Enquiries should be addressed to Richard Hunter, AustLII Development Manager, or any one of AustLII's Co-Directors Professor Graham Greenleaf, Professor Andrew Mowbray, or Mr Philip Chung, or you can use our 足球即时比分90 九州体育app管网下载 form.

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